Criminal Planning Cycle Chart

All-Hazards/ Criminal Planning Cycle

1. Preliminary Target Selection: This is the first phase of intelligence gathering, criminal suspects select potential targets based on the intended objective, symbolic value, critical infrastructure points of failure, mass damage, and the ability to generate high profile media attention.

2. Initial Surveillance: Physical targets with obvious vulnerabilities are attractive and are prioritize, targets with easy points to continue surveillance tops the selection list.

3. Final Target Selection: Target could be a person and facility, public or private; one main factor in this phase is for the target to be an intelligence collection advantage- (can intelligence be collected without compromising the mission and are security measure able to be challenged).

4. Pre-Attack Surveillance: detailed surveillance takes place, may be short surveillance periods or prolong periods (days, weeks, months); surveillance efforts tailored to determine precise target vulnerabilities and optimize maximum destruction/ casualties;additional criminal members are deployed and all possibilities are pre-arranged/ discussed.

5. Planning: Surveillance data is formulated into an attack plan, safe-house and/or meeting locations are agreed on, weapon and/or type of attack is selected, if needed specialized operatives are recruited.

6. Rehearsal: On this stage, violators will practice the attack to refine the planning.

7. Execution: Deploy the attack team, wait for ideal time frame for attack and/ or abort the attack.

8. Escape and Exploitation: Escape plans are well rehearsed by attackers and support personnel; exploitation objective for a successful operation- take advantage of media outlets to promote their objective.

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