Background Check Requirement

  1. Texas issued ID or Driver’s License
  2. Actual Social Security Card (no copies)


If you have received a citation from a Laredo Police Department Officer and have a question regarding your court date, fine, or lost citation, please call the Laredo Municipal Court at (956) 794-1680. You may also click the link below to visit their website.

Laredo Municipal Court

Patrol By

The Laredo Police Department offers courtesy patrol by at residences where the occupants will be away for an extended period of time. If you will be leaving your residence on vacation or for any other extended period of time, you can call (956) 795-2800 and request a patrol by at your residence. Simply provide the dates and times you will be away from your residence and when you wish for the patrol by to occur.

Services and Fees

As per City Ordinance No. 2005-0-246, price for police services have changed. The new changes will be effective March 2, 2011. The price for police services are as follows:

  • Case reports $0.10 per page
  • Additional certified copy $6.00
  • Accident reports $6.00 (copies)
  • Accident reports $2.00 (certified copies)
  • Negative Background Check $10.00
  • Positive Background Check $12.00
  • Finger prints $10.00 per card
  • Street campaign permits $25.00