Rene Alvarado
Captain CID

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Crimes Against Persons and Crimes Against Property
Administrative Assistant – Ashley Slemaker (956) 795-2860

Special Investigations Unit and Juvenile and Gang Enforcement Team
Administrative Secretary – Claudia Cantu (956) 795-2332

Auto Theft Task Force
Secretary – Kassandra Ruiz (956) 795-2341

The mission of the Criminal Investigations Divisions (CID) is to provide the highest quality criminal investigative support to the Laredo Police Department by conducting timely and thorough criminal investigations while using advanced investigative techniques and forensic equipment. CID is broken down into seven sub-category units where investigators gain the opportunity to specialize in certain investigations and become experts in their craft.

Crimes Against Persons (CAPERs) Section

Robbery/Homicide Unit
The Robbery/Homicide unit is dedicated to the investigations regarding assaultive offenses from non-family members. These detectives also conduct all death investigations from motor vehicle fatalities to murder.

Special Investigations Unit
The Special Investigations unit (SIU) of the Laredo Police Department is responsible for all investigations of family violence and sexual assaults. The sensitive nature of the cases investigated by SIU call for detectives to be as thorough as possible in the search for truth and justice.

Juvenile and Gang Enforcement Team
The Juvenile and Gang Enforcement Team or JAGET for short, specializes in investigations where violent offenders often associated with criminal organizations are involved. JAGET also serve as lead detectives for all missing persons, crimes involving junveniles and runaways.

Crimes Against Property Unit
The Crimes Against Property (CAPROs) unit detectives investigate a wide array of crimes such as personal identity theft, fraud, burglaries and regular theft of property cases.

Auto Theft Task Force
The Auto Theft Task Force (ATTF) of the Laredo Police Department handle all investigations dealing with motor vehicles from cargo theft to theft of motor vehicles. Since the implementation of ATTF, the Laredo Police Department went from ranking last in vehicle thefts to first in safety from having your vehicle stolen.

Forensic Investigation Services
Forensic Investigations Services are the support unit for CID. They handle the processing of all crimes scenes and evidence collections. These experts provide valuable knowledge to detectives by matching finger prints lifted at crime scenes, identifying spent shell casings in firearm related incidents, and reconstruction of major crimes scenes.