Yearly, the Laredo Police Department compiles safety reports focusing on crime rates and traffic safety statistics. These reports are utilized as benchmarks for the continued safety of the community of Laredo. The Department prides itself on being able to maintain low crime rates year after year while increasing positive community interactions.

The Laredo Police Department frequently engages in additional public safety operations utilizing grant money awarded through federal and state grant applications. These grants enable the Department to increase the amount of officers on the streets of Laredo that create deterrence affects through high visibility patrolling. Two of the biggest grants awarded to the Department are highlighted below:

Operation Stonegarden

Operation Stonegarden is a federally funded grant where Laredo Police Department Officers work in conjunction with U.S. Border Patrol to strengthen border communities. Through the fruitful results of the operations, the community of Laredo remains a safe place for families to live and enjoy.


TEAOF is a state funded grant that allows for the Laredo Police Department Criminal Investigations Division to conduct multi-level investigations with state and federal agencies focusing on transnational crime. These investigations often lead to discoveries of weapons, narcotics, and residences containing multiple illegal-immigrants often called “stash houses”.