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Chief’s Office
Administrative Secretary – Karina Badillo (956) 795-2899

Office of Professional Standards
Administrative Secretary – Claudia Cantu (956) 790-1980

Public Information
Investigator Jose Baeza (956) 795-2973
Officer Jose Espinoza (956) 795-3121

The Administration Division is tasked with the logistical and administrative functions of the Department. These functions are crucial to the overall effectiveness of the Department and are encompassed by nine sections. Utilizing a mixture of sworn and civilian personnel, the Chief of Police ensures that the department has the appropriate resources including budgets, , updated equipment, and keeping up with evolving technology to name a few.

With an operating budget of over $70 million, the Administrative Division personnel engage in a broad spectrum of specialties ranging from providing support to the Department’s leadership to police officer recruitment and training.

Office of Professional Standards
The Office of Professional Standards (OPS) serve as the internal affairs for the Department. Tasked with investigating any allegations of police misconduct, this unit reports directly to the Chief of Police.

A second section of OPS is tasked with conducting all background investigations for applicants to any position within the Department. The background officers oversee applicants from the initial application to the date of hire ensuring the only the most qualified candidates are employed by the Department.

Research and Planning
The Research and Planning unit identify any additional sources of revenue for the Department through grant applications. These funds are then allocated for specific functions such as overtime, personnel, equipment and fleet.

The Training section of Department is charged with keeping up to date with the latest trends in policing. In addition, training officers conduct frequent in-service trainings to ensure our officers are up to date with all state mandated licensing requirements and most current techniques in law enforcement. Training officers also work hand-in-hand with the Regional Police Academy providing instructors for all academic classes for our future officers.

Public Affairs Office
Entrusted with critical information, the Public Affairs Office is home to the public information officer (PIO). The PIO serves as the voice of the Department to the media in the absence of the Chief of Police and in maintaining communication with the community through the monitoring of social media platforms.

Criminal Intelligence Acquisition Unit
The Criminal Intelligence Acquisition Unit (CIAU) is the intelligence hub of the Department. Sworn and civilian employees gather a vast array of information to provide accurate accounts of crime rates, identify target areas of enforcement and analytical and statistical techniques towards the solution of crime.

Federal Task Force Officers
Our Federal Task Force Officers (TFOs) provide a link between federal agencies and the Department. TFOs serve as a support for federal investigations by utlizing local Department resources in furtherance of criminal investigations and federal prosecutions.

Emergency Services Unit
The Emegerncy Services unit consists of our Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team, Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT), and Bomb Squad. As a collective, the unit serves as the critical incident response by deploying to major incidents where advanced training and techniques are necessary for a safe resolution.

The Interdiction unit serves as the Departments way of assisting federal agencies in preventing the transporation of narcotics and/or narcotic related currency. This unit works mainly on the interstate in an effort to intercept any illicit items being transported through Laredo.

Personnel Management
Personnel Management directly handle any items pertaining to employee work attendance, vacation leave, sick leave and injury leave. The review all employee work attendance, computing hours worked and accumulation of paid leave preparing everything for payroll.

The Finance section’s primary role is the fiduciary responsibility of the department. Finance personnel handle all monetary ingress and egress from the Department to include budget items, grant awards, and purchases made by the department.