Criminal Investigations

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The mission of the Criminal Investigation Divisions (CID) is to provide the highest quality criminal investigative support to the Laredo Police Department by conducting timely and thorough criminal investigations using advanced investigative techniques and forensic equipment. Motivated only by a search for the truth, CID detectives will search out and collect all available evidence surrounding each case to exonerate the innocent and substantiate the culpability of the guilty. CID detectives recognize their responsibilities to the community they serve and are committed to investigating all criminal allegations in an ethical and impartial manner with sensitivity toward the needs of victims and witnesses.

Main Police Department Building

4712 Maher Ave. Laredo, Texas 78041

Crimes Against Persons & Crimes Against Property
Capt. Gilberto Villarreal
Office: (956) 795-2901
Fax: (956) 795-2912

Secretary for Crimes Against Persons and Property
Diana Ornelas
Office: (956) 795-2860

Crimes Against Persons
Lt. Ricardo Ramirez
Office: (956) 795-3144

Homicide & Robbery Unit
Sgt. Primo Guzman
Office: (956) 795-2812Fernando Lozano
Office: (956) 795-3142

Narcotics Unit
Sgt. Robert A. Garcia Jr.
Office: (956) 794-1772, (956) 794-1773

4810 Maher Ave., Laredo, Texas 78041

Special Investigation Unit
Sgt. Cordelia Perez
Office: (956) 795-3161
Fax: (956) 795-2013

Sgt. Romy Mutuc
Office: (956) 795-2933


Crimes Against Property
Lt. Jesus Montemayor
Office: (956) 795-2805    Burglary & Theft Unit
Sgt. Joe Lombrana
Office: (956) 795-2890
Fax: (956) 795-2912Sgt. Abraham Gonzalez
Office: (956) 795-3021Auto Theft Unit
Lt. Ruben A. Yañez
Office: (956) 795-2339

Sgt. Armando Elizondo Jr.
Office: (956) 795-2906

Clerk for Auto Theft Division
Rebecca Rodriguez
Office: (956) 795-2341


 Juvenile and Gang Enforcement Team J.A.G.E.T.
Sgt. Victor Vicharelli
Office: (956) 795-3143, FAX: (956) 725-1991

Dolores Mojica
Secretary for Annex
Office: (956) 795-2332